November 15, 2006

Apple iPod Supported by Airlines

Six airlines will offer in-flight iPod integration providing power, and ability to view your videos on the LCD screen on the plane. Back in August, Apple annouced a similiar deal for OEM stereo integration with GM, Ford and Mazda. While these deals are limited only to a handful of airlines or car companies, it has high potential of making iPods "the" mobile audio player of choice by default.

Personally, powering the iPod has been the biggest headache for me. At work, I always have it plugged into my PC. While driving, I always hooked up my iPod through a Monster Cable iCarplay to ensure it charges the iPod while broadcasting through my FM stereo. The missing link was a power solution while flying. This will hopefully be a movement for the better. I hope airlines can offer a universal power port in every seat so we can charge other devices as well.

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