November 13, 2006

Apple MacBook in Starbucks

I was just at a local Starbucks and noticed that the number of customers using the sleek new MacBooks out-numbered PC-based laptops. Of the five laptops I noticed, two are 15" MacBook Pros, one is the regular MacBook, one IBM/Lenovo and one Dell. I can't help but wondering if its because New Yorkers are more of MacBook users or if its just because MacBook users like to carry their laptops around town, especially in Starbucks.


Sebastian(o)Mereu said...

I noticed something similar at my University in Switzerland. Today, in European Economic Law class, I counted one white 13.3" MacBook, one MacBook Pro, two 12" PowerMac G4, one 15" PowerMac, and two IBM/Lenovo. And that class includes about 50 students from all over the world. At my University many people favor Apple above anything else, me included! But the question is still unanswered, why is it? In my opinion, because Apple user are proud about their Apple computer. At least I am!

ay said...

Interesting observation in Switzerland. I am amazed at Apple's ability to market their product and gain worldwide attraction even though a PC-based laptop at 1/3 of the price can be obtained through Dell or Compaq/HP. Talk about flawless execution of brand marketing.