November 9, 2006

GPS is the Next Hotness in Cell Phones

Pairing GPS with cell phones is nothing new. I first noticed Sprint then Verizon bringing out GPS enabled phones to the masses about a year ago. Lately, however, I have noticed a bigger movement for phone makers to include a GPS chip/receiver to new handsets. First, I noticed BlackBerry released a 8703e through Sprint which enables turn-by-turn GPS. After some research, I found a video footage of the hot BlackBerry Pearl running GPS. Then, I found the new Helio Drift. Not only is this phone GPS enabled, it incorporates Google Map which brings a boat load of additional features such as real-time traffic status, satelite view and local listings.

I can't help but wondering how will these phones fare with battery issues, will it drain the device much faster as all wireless chips tend to do? How about the small screens? Is it hard to see the roads while driving? What about user input? Especially on phones without touchscreen, is it hard to manuver while driving?

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