November 15, 2006

Holiday Wish List: Mobile Devices

Holiday season is around the corner and I have come up with a wish list of mobile devices and gadgets. I am hoping at least someone in my pool of friends and family will be reading this list and pay close attention.

Laptop: Sony TXN-007 (James Bond 007 TX Spy Gear Bundle)
Runner-Up: Apple Macbook 2.0GHz

Small Form Factor PC: Sony UX Series

Smartphone: Sprint Samsung IP-830W (International CDMA & GSM)
Runner-Up: Palm Treo 750v

Cellphone: Helio Drift (by Samsung)
Runner-Up: T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl (I know, this is technically a smartphone)

Data Plan: Sprint 3G EV-DO Rev. A
Runner-Up: Cingular UMTS

Portable Gaming Console: Nintendo DS Lite
Runner-Up: Playstation Portable

Portable Entertainment: Apple iPod 80GB
Runner-Up: Apple iPod Nano 8GB

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