November 17, 2006

James Bond "Casino Royale" Mobile Content

Fans of Ian Fleming's James Bond can now customize their mobile device with 007 flair. Sony Pictures latest installment, Casino Royale, features a website for you to download mobile contents. Everything from games, ringtones, wallpapers, to applications (soon to come) can be purchased for your handset.

On a seperate note, Casino Royale will only feature eight marketing partners as opposed to 20+ marketing partners in Die Another Day. Smirnoff, Sony, Heinken, Ford, Virgin Atlantic and Omega are amongst the top sponsors.

Update: I just watched this movie in the theater tonight. Simply put, one of the best movies ever! Daniel Craig pulled it off big time. He is probably the best/most believable James Bond throughout the entire franchise. The action sequence is satisfying from beginning to finish. Very well done! I will be adding this film to my DVD collection. Almost every review I can find seems to agree with me, with the exception of a review from this joke of a website: Indiaglitz...

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