November 13, 2006

New MS Windows Mobile Phones, Lacks WiFi

It looks like Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS has been gaining some serious marketshare recently. Engadget reports two new phones equipped with Windows Mobile OS hitting North America. Moto Q (in Black) and Samsung Black Jack i607.

Again, no WiFi is available in both phones but atleast both phones offer some version of 3G internet/data support. When will phone makers wise up and equip every smartphone with WiFi? This movement is inevitable so the sooner they realize, the better off they will become. If you are interested in a smartphone, I recommend choosing one with integrated WiFi, please find a list of Windows Mobile smartphones available through U.S. carriers:

Cingular 3125 (EDGE network, no WiFi)
Cingular 8125 (EDGE network, integrated WiFi)
Cingular 8525 (UMTS network, integrated WiFi) new phone!
Cingular Samsung BlackJack (UMTS network, no WiFi) new phone!
T-Mobile SDA (EDGE network, integrated WiFi)
T-Mobile Dash (EDGE network, integrated WiFi)
T-Mobile MDA (EDGE network, integrated WiFi)
Verizon Samsung SCH-i703 (EV-DO network, integrated WiFi)
Verizon Moto Q silver (EV-DO network, no WiFi)
Verizon Palm Treo 700w (EV-DO network, no WiFi)
Verizon XV6700 (EV-DO network, no WiFi)
Sprint PPC 6700 (EV-DO network, integrated WiFi)
Sprint Palm Treo 700wx (EV-DO network, no WiFi)
Sprint Samsung IP-830w (EV-DO netowrk, no WiFi) new phone!

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