November 7, 2006

Welcome to "the mobile experience"

In the fall of 2006, I decided to start a blog to track the progression of the state of mobile.  I was drawn by the limitless possibility of mobile computing and ability to enjoy the internet without a laptop.  In an blink of an eye, the iPhone, Android, App Stores, 3G, 4G, LTE and Phablet devices arrives and took the last 10+ years by storm.  When I look at some of the older posts, I often chuckle at how far mobile technology have come along.

By 2010, I was really impressed by the way mobile devices have started to improve our day-to-day (ie. mobile banking, media consumption, photography and mapping/navigation, etc.).  Then, the mobile space just exploded exponentially when the "internet of things" and internet appliances became more widely available throughout the house.  The concept of "smart homes" is becoming a reality and with household broadband speed is now averaging 100Mbps or faster, the possibility of our connected world just got that much easier, better and faster.  

Over the years, my posts have gone from tracking simple mobile marketing tips, devices reviews or apps news to how the deeply our life is connected to the mobile experience.  My own life is now managed by my smartphone in more ways than ever (work, media, security/monitoring, finance, publication, printing, gaming, traveling, etc.).  At the same time, it feels like the technology world is throwing more things at consumers faster than ever.  I try to use this blog to help me slow things down a bit and gather my thoughts on how to get everything to tie together, into a useful, positive mobile experience!

Andy Yang

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