November 11, 2006

Yahoo Messenger on BlackBerry (Even for Cingular)

In case you haven't heard, Yahoo Messenger is now available for download from RIM's website. The application, however, is not meant for Cingular Wireless Customers.

"Yahoo! Messenger, designed for BlackBerry devices, is currently not available for customers of Cingular Wireless... These customers may download the software but will be unable to log into Yahoo! Messenger from their BlackBerry devices."

Do not despair, a fellow frustrated user and member of has posted a step by step instruction to get the necessary service book onto your Cingular issued Blackberry enabling the software to work. Good job Spencer!

Unfortunately, this solution is not going to work for those running Desktop Manager on a Mac. In addition, you'll also need to login to your BIS account to resend all other services books. Those running BES would also need to request your admin to create an IT policy enabling Y!M traffic.

Personally, I am thrilled a hack is now available, but I will not bother with the installation for two reasons: 1). If Yahoo doesn't want Cingular customers using their IM, then so be it. I am not going to bend backwards just to use a mediocre IM network especially when most of my friends are using either AIM or Google Talk (which is available for all BlackBerry devices). 2). I am not sure if I will be billed differently if I use an unauthorized communication software. I remembered T-Mobile used to bill me for every message send or received over the built-in AIM/YahooIM/ICQ software. It treated each message as an SMS text message. I will steer clear from that direction.

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