December 17, 2006

Google-Phone by 2008?

Engadget reported a rumor of Orange Telecom and Google partnering up a to produce a Google branded smartphone that will come preloaded with lots of Google applications (Gmail, Local, Earth, etc). Many people are not suprised by this news as Google CEO Eric Schmidt has told the press that mobile phones and services should be free with ad-supported programs. The story continues to suggest that such phone could be provided by HTC, the popular Taiwanese firm, currently producing some of the best smartphones available today (ie. Cingular 3125, 8125, 8525).

If this is true, I am definitely looking forward to what Google can bring to the table. I hope such device would have some breakthru. I have written about the current state of today's mobile devices and how it is limited by its screen size and user experience. Hopefully, Google will continue to provide its ease-to-use interface found in today's apps like Gmail and Local mobile to this rumored phone.

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