January 9, 2007

Finally, the Official Apple iPhone Announcement

So, after years of speculation and disappointed attempt, Steve Jobs made the official announcement today about the upcoming iPhone (avail by June 2007). The device is as expected, a sexy, iPod-like shell covered 90% by a smart-touchscreen LCD. It covers three major functions: Communication/Music/Internet. This news sent all Apple fanboy giggling like school girls. I, however, have a negative take on this device; simply put, its not outstanding in every way.

Communication: The phone is going to be exclusively available through Cingular Wireless, a GSM network provider. This is smart as it has the potential to reach global audience as the GSM network is available throughout Europe and Asia, however, Apple's biggest marketshare, aka Fanboys, are pretty much here in North America. It appears that most people prefer to own a CDMA phone here as it offers a stronger signal and less drop calls. I think they should have launched a platform agnostic product, maybe a dual mode like the Samsung IP-830w or launch the phone in two variations.

Music: The phone will cost $499 for the 4GB edition and $599 for the 8GB edition. A 4GB iPod Mini is $199 and 8GB ipod Mini is $249. Most mobile phones are free today. This can make it even the biggest fanboys think twice about forking over the extra cash. On top of the money factors, the a multiple function device is a major battery drainer. Its one thing when you drain the power on your iPod Mini, its another when you don't have the power to make a phone call.

Internet: On top of the power issue that can effect this department, this phone is not going to be available for another six months. The data connection is going through Cingular's slow EDGE 3G, network. You see, Cingular is charging approximately $45 for its dreaded EDGE network that barely connects to the web at 100+ kpbs when competitor's EV-DO network offers five times the speed. In six months time, Cingular's faster UMTS network may be availabe making this phone really outdated.

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