February 23, 2007

Free Battery for Samsung Blackjack

Normally, I don't like to repeat news from other websites, however, when its truely beneficial to my fellow smartphone users, I would gladly repeat this news as reported by Engadget Mobile. "Enjoying the Cingular BlackJack but finding that the batt life is really weak? Happy days are here my friends -- at least for a select bunch of you. If you haven't already rushed out and dropped $50 on the extended battery for your trusty Windows Mobile device, contrary to what everybody tells us, procrastination can indeed pay off. Apparently some things in life are free! Cingular is offering no cost extended-life love for any BlackJack purchased with only the two standard batteries in the package. Simply zip over here, enter your IMEI number, (this can be found by typing *#06# on phone keypad, or looking under the battery, and is even printed on your box) and mobile number in the handy dandy form. Apparently IMEI numbers between 352794010030189 to 352794012269959 are good to go, so hurry up and grab yours before the deal is done."

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