February 20, 2007

Smartphones Lacking Integrated WiFi

I have always been a big fan of smartphones with WiFi and believed that our progress in mobile internet experience can benefit greatly if all cell phones come with integrated WiFi. But taking a look at the current state of cell phones sold by the big four carriers reflects only a tiny fraction of their product line offers built-in WiFi. I have put together a list below and if you look at the phones carefully, you'll notice that besides the Samsung SCH-i730, the rest are supplied by a Taiwanese vendor HTC:

PPC-6700 (Sprint)
Samsung SCH-i730 (Verizon)
XV6700 (Verizon)
8525 (Cingular)
8125 (Cingular)
SDA (T-Mobile)
Dash (T-Mobile)
MDA (T-Mobile)

So, here is my beef: 1). What is wrong with the manufacturers today? Why are they selling a bunch of smartphones without WiFi? Is HTC the only company in the industry with the common sense? 2). When will the carriers realize that charging $30-$45 per month for their unlimited data package (EDGE or EV-DO) is too much for average cell phone consumers? To reach critical mass, the price of data package should be around $10/mo. Until they lower the monthly rates, give us integrated WiFi!


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