April 9, 2007

Apple Sold 100,000,000 iPods

So, Steve Jobs sold 100 million iPods huh? By my rough calculation, thats probably $20 Billion dollars in revenue over the last five years. Over the years, I have gone through a handful myself. The first one I've purchased was a Mini iPod, then a 3rd Gen 15GB iPod, then another Mini iPod, followed by two iPod Nanos and finally a 5th Gen 30GB Video iPod. Thats 6 iPods from me, alone... not including the iPods purchased by my extended family members.

Why do you go thru so many you ask? Well, one reason is that as the battery performance went south, I just kept on selling them on eBay and recovering roughly 65% of the cost. The other reason is that I get suckered by Jobs' fancy marketing scheme. Everytime a new version comes out, I am enticed to look for a flaw in the old version.

I wonder how many of the "one million" iPods sold are repeats like myself.

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