May 15, 2007

MacBook Story – How I Got “Jobbed”, Again!

Roughly three weeks ago, I decided to pick up a 13” MacBook (White with 2.0Ghz) as I have been eyeing one for a while now. After carefully reviewing my options and decided against paying a premium for the Black MacBook ($200 more for 120GB HDD instead of the 80GB), I drove to the 24-hour Mid-Town Manhattan Apple Store at Midnight and picked one up.

Most of my close friends were shocked to find me, a PC guy, acquiring a Mac. There are several reasons why I decided on a MacBook. For starters, today’s MacBooks are more PC-like than ever, running Intel Core 2 Duo processors and the option of running Windows from the BOOTCAMP program. The second reason is because in this price range ($1200-ish), you can’t find a laptop with as much performance, quality, and finishing touch (integrated MIC, Webcam, etc.).

In the past three weeks, I have been anxiously upgrading the new MacBook (since I am a PC guy at heart), I thought I was smart to save $200 from buying the black MacBook and used that savings to get some nice upgrades: I’ve installed 2GB of RAM from Cruical and purchased a Seagate 160GB SATA HDD. Now this MacBook is ready for prime time and I figured, nothing is going to get me down…

Yeah, right. This morning, I found out Apple just bumped the spec for all Macbooks. The version I purchased now offers a faster CPU at 2.16Ghz and 120GB HDD. The black version now offers a 160GB and they are going for the same prices. Unbelievable! Not only could I have gotten a much faster processor, but also may have been satisfied with a default 120GB HDD. This is just wrong… its only been 3 weeks. Over the years, I have been “Jobbed” by a number of iPod products. But never have I ever felt so used and abused in such a short amount of time.

*For those unfamiliar with the term “Jobbed”, it means you got screwed by Steve Jobs.

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