June 30, 2007

AT&T Cingular 8525 for $139 Shipped Free

I noticed that this past week, all the smartphones on the market dropped in price (possibly in reaction to the launch of iPhone today). The hottest 3G WM5 smartphone by Cingular (8525), a $599 phone, is now $139.98 from Amazon.com. Yours truly ordered one and have received it today. In short, I am pleased with this purchased. Using the UMTS 3G data network is the real deal. Its also nice to have WiFi that most smartphones are missing. I will provide my final verdict shortly. For those of you interested in a powerful smartphone, this is it! Unless you want to pay $599 for a new iPhone. [AT&T Cingular 8525 is an HTC Hermes)

Update: 6/29 Price was $159.98
Update: 6/30 Price dropped to $139.98
Update: 7/2 Price dropped to $124.98
Update: 7/10 Price dropped to $79.98

Thanks to Amazon.com's 30-Day Price Guarantee, I've gotten reimbursed for the difference all three times. Gotta love Amazon.com!

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