July 18, 2007

BMW 135i and 128i on BMWUSA.com Website!!!

I haven't been this excited since... who knows how long. When I visited BMWUSA.com tonight, I was shocked to see that they've got the material for the 1-Series... and best of all... it's got the 300HP Turbo engine available for the 135i. This is going to be the best sports compact car... period! Better than Acura RSX, Civic Si, VW GTi, Impreza, Focus, etc, etc.

This car will touch the Mitsu EVO, G35i, and IS350 league. Very exciting indeed.


Anonymous said...

this is a very nice car indeed, but it won't touch the Mitsu EVO... sorry

Ozzie Santana said...

Indeed, it is a very nice car. However, I'm still not a fan of it. I wish it had the AWD option like its older brother the 328xi.