September 6, 2007

New iPhone in Feb, 2008?

Yesterday, Apple broke the news on a series of upgrades to its iPod family. Outside of launching a touchscreen based iPod (iPod Touch), new video Nano and update to the classic iPod to 160GB, the biggest shocker was the dropping of 4GB iPhone and lowering the 8GB iPhone to $399 (a $200 drop from the previous $599).

I went to the AT&T site this morning to see if there was an update and found the $399 pricing for the 8GB iPhone AND a reduction in price for a 4GB iPhone ($299). This was a surprise because no one knew what would happen to the 4GB units.

The one thing that draws my attention is that AT&T calls this a “Special Pricing! Now through January 31, 2008”. We all know that Apple has permanently lowered the pricing, so its not a special pricing by any means. Therefore, I am guessing by February 1st 2008, a new iPhone is to be expected. Or, AT&T can just extend this BS special pricing longer. Only time will tell.

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