November 29, 2007

Google Maps Mobile - My Location

Google's Map application for mobile is one of the best things that happened to mobile devices. I've enjoyed it in the beginning on BlackBerry devices. As time progresses, they've developed .cab files for Windows Mobile devices which worked w/ some flaws in WM5 but near flawless within WM6. Yesterday, they released a new 2.0 beta for the application to support a new feature called "My Location". This is great for phones without built-in GPS (even if you do have GPS, chances are, your wireless carrier will charge you to use it) where they use nearby cell-tower and other GPS-enabled phone users signal to triangulate your location.

Yours truly downloaded the latest GMAP mobile application tonight to give it a whirl. Installation went fine as usual, however, from my apartment in the West Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, GMAP prompt that it can't find my current location. Bummer. I'll need to try this on my way to work tomorrow morning.

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