November 12, 2007

Gphone, Google, Android, Open Handset Alliance

Mobile has never gotten as much attention as this past week, when Google dropped the news on its official entrance into the mobile market. In their typical fashion (Desktop PC/Internet), they have decided to approach the mobile market by coming out with a revolution software/OS to the mobile environment known as the Android. Essentially, they've got about 30+ mobile players (ie. HTC, Motorola, T-Mobile, etc.) forging an "Open Handset Alliance " pledging to keep the development around android completely open. To get things started, an SDK is already available and Google has offered a price of $10M to developer who can come up with the coolest Widget.

I am not going to get into the details of what it is, or how it works. There are about 2,177 articles written for it already (as of 12:01AM today). If you need a quick reading, Engadget has a good bullet point article for your reference.

What I am interested is commenting on the company HTC, aka. High Tech Computers, Inc. This Taiwanese firm, which I've commented, reviewed and owned its products (often badged as a AT&T or TMobile or Sprint phone) is making some serious progress in the smartphone market. Having my background in the embedded market few years back, I always knew the Taiwanese manufacturers were tight with the Microsoft gang (XP Embedded, CE, and now WM5/6). HTC is considered a top partner for Microsoft year over year. In a sudden move, it seems like it is now Google's best friend with a couple of phones slated launch with Android early 2008 as well as a rumor that Google has been using an HTC handset known as the "Dream". HTC has a series of strong products that can rival the iPhone, HTC Tilt, Touch and Cruise. The smartphone market is definitely heating up. The saga continues...

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