November 21, 2007

Unlocked iPhone for 999€ - T-Mobile Germany

In a move to combat Vodaphone's legal challenge, Germany's Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) will sell a unlocked iPhone for 999 euros (Roughly $1,500 USD). This will make the first official unlocked version of an iPhone. Looks like this game is getting interesting. The big bad Apple has to give in on its stance of a locked device. What does this mean moving forward? Will people be willing to pay for this unlocked iPhone just to avoid a lengthy contract? Will Apple frown upon folks who imported the legitimate unlocked iPhone to the US or worst yet, other countries where Apple has not reached? Will Apple enforce the same stupid two-phone limit AND must be purchased on a Credit Card rule towards these outrageously priced unlocked phones?

Source: Reuter, Engadget

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