December 10, 2007

JetBlue to offer Email, Wifi Access for BlackBerry

Citigroup reports that JetBlue is testing a WiFi setup on selected Air Bus A320s to allow BlackBerry devices with WiFi capabilities to download their emails. The units available for this test are the 8210, 8820, and 8320 Curve. This is a move which allows business travelers connected to important email messages throughout the flight duration.

A nice move, welcome to the 21st century, finally!

WiFi is nothing new, Air Planes are nothing new, Mobile devices with built-in WiFi is nothing new; so why does it take so long before this is even being considered. Forget the 60+ channels of DirectTV, give us broadband internet access for all mobile devices. Let us decide how we want to spend the minutes on the plane connecting our iPhones or laptops to the onboard WiFi systems. Let us stream YouTube or IM our friends and family quietly on those boring plane rides.

I have longed for mobile devices to have integrated WiFi and lower data plan. This is my official complaint against any commercial establishment that do not offer WiFi internet access. This includes hotels, resorts, trains, buses, etc... We need to be connected, its almost 2008!

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