January 30, 2008

Greg's 1st Post; Android by Google

Hi, Greg here, this is my first post and I'm very excited about becoming part of this blog!

If you are reading this blog it must be because you feel mobile is the future or at least an alternative of the multi-channel perspective allowing the customers to buy wherever, whenever and whatever.

The m-applications and m-commerces are starting to emerge all over the world at different speeds. The US used to be the first-mover to the information superhighway; however, it seems that mobile growth is more advanced in Asia or even in Europe. As a contributor, I will attempt to share the best international examples and ideas that demonstrates the integration of Mobile Marketing as part of the total global multi-channel marketing strategy.

First, I would like to share a video Google Team presented on Android which is Google's new Open Source System for Mobile.

Since Facebook launched their Open Source System, Google has since tried to mimic what they did with code.google.com. This is an indication that Google would not miss the big opportunity in Mobile Marketing. We now await for the mobile manufacturers develope new handsets which will allow us to enjoy the latest technology like Flash or Java on a mobile platform...

So, please enjoy this video and win $10M if you create the best m-application on Android.

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