January 31, 2008

AT&T Tilt WM6 Smartphone for $99 Only

Gotta love Amazon.com for being aggressive with their cell-phone subsidizing plans. If you are a new customer to AT&T or elgible for renewing your contract with AT&T, this is a smoking deal. A $500 very capable quad-band smartphone (w/ 3G, WiFi, GPS-Integrated, 3MP Cam/Camcorder and 256MB Memory plus 128MB or RAM). The Tilt is considered one of the best phones out there with some serious horsepower.

Amazon.com is currently offering it for $99 after a $50 rebate. If you’ve thought about getting a smartphone to start your mobile experience, I’d say this is the perfect phone. (These phones are so feature-rich that in a few months if you want to buy another phone outright like the N95, you can easily sell this one off on eBay for funds).

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