January 14, 2008

Beware of What You Read Online

I ran across an awful article on Wired magazine this morning posted by a gentlemen named Bruce Schneier. Apparently Mr. Schneier is some big wig CTO of a security services firm and author of some book that talks about security. In this article, Bruce is suggesting that your home WiFi network should be open to all and he attempted to talk down the risk by pretty much saying that you have a better chance of denying of any wrong doing by other people who have stolen your bandwidth because it is left "open" and to further support his argument, he claims that current encryption technology has its flaws, therefore its a pointless attempt to setup password encryption.

I am not a network/securities expert but I know that open networks are easy to hack and your identiy, login/password, personal files can easily be stolen. There may not be strangers driving around your house searching for your network to hack, but you never know what that neighbor's curious 12-year old may be up to. On the flip side of the argument, his suggestion of using other people's open network is equally as dangerous; your computer can also be hacked by stealing/jumping on other people's open WiFi.

I am pretty disappointed at Wired and Mr. Schneier at publishing this article and balatently asking folks not to protect their wireless networks. For a magazine of such wide reach and a voice of expertise to say this, its pretty irresponsible. The tone here is re-assuring the public that there is no need to be worried about personal identity over open WiFi... the question is, why take such risk and be concerned after you've been hacked?

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