January 16, 2008

Gmail iPhone Updates

Apple made big waves yesterday with the launch of MacBook Air. What kept my interest going was the iPhone firmware upgrade (v 1.1.3). This upgrade has taken iPhone to new heights, I won't list all the options here, but feel free to check out Engadget for a comprehensive review. I will say that Google Maps on iPhone is closest thing to an emulated GPS device that is currently available.

What I have noticed this morning in my Gmail inbox is the new iPhone Updates notification. Basically, Google formatted their Gmail to better suit iPhones (as they've been with all of their mobile interfaces). In this round of update, you get:
* Auto-complete when composing
* Automatic refreshing
* Faster load times when viewing email

I've been playing with the iPhone all morning including the new firmware update. It definitely leaves me wondering if my N95-3 on the way was a good choice. Ounce for ounce, there is not another device out there with such a sex appeal as the iPhone. Those of you who's made the 1.1.3 update will attest to the graphics engine when trying to re-arrange the homepage icons... amazing!

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