January 28, 2008

Nokia N95-3 for $499 at Amazon.com

Cheapest offer ever! Amazon.com has the unlocked N95-3 for US 3G at $499 shipped free (no tax in some states). Only one catch, they don't have them in stock (see the side option, to buy from Amazon.com only, not a 3rd party vendor). So if you don't mind the wait. Otherwise, Buy.com has the same phone in-stock for a mere $16 more, free shipping as well.

PS - Pickup a 4GB MicroSDHC for around $30 while you are at it. You'll thank me later. (This Kingston SDHC card works despite Nokia claim of supporting only up to 2GB)

Update (1/31) - Amazon.com has the Silver/Bronze N95-3 in stock for $499 shipped.
Update (2/4) - Amazon.com now has the Silver/Black N95-3 in stock for $499 shipped.

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