January 28, 2008

Two YouTube Solutions for N95 (S60 OS)

My latest addiction is hitting up a blog known as Symbian Addict. This blog is a great resource to learn all about phones running the Symbian OS (ie. Nokia N95, etc.).

I came across two YouTube solutions from this site:

1. Google/YouTube Application. (Point your browser to: m.youtube.com/app) Detailed video at Symbian Addict
2. emTube (Go Direct) Symbian Addict claims to be the best YouTube S60 solution out right now

I will test both out and report back. Its a pretty exciting times for the Smartphones right now. Firms are making excellent/robust applications left and right.

Update (1/28 11:00PM): Used N95 and pointed to the Google/YouTube link above and a download started instantly. Within 10 seconds, the phone finished downloading a program roughly 500KB+ onto phone's memory. Within a minute, the installation process completed. The software worked flawlessly. The only thing you have to do in advance is to designate a network for your Real Player application first (in my case - MediaNet) as YouTube is using it to stream. I tested out this video using the search function and it was all good. The software is very Web 2.0 like, with a very smooth cover-flow-ish effect when browsing through videos. I like it a lot!

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