January 1, 2008

Yahoo Mobile Search Panel Invite

These days, the buzz in mobile is nothing new. I can already see industry tradeshows (Adweek, SES, etc.) using mobile as the major buzz word for the next couple of years. In a race that is as intense as the race to the moon, the search giants are trying to get as much leverage as they can to take pole position.

Yahoo GO! recently invited me to participate in a survey which would qualify me to become their mobile search panel. Evidently, being "their panel" gives me an opportunity to be heard. In translation, I'll help them refine their mobile offering for free. Considering my nature in exploring all things mobile, I graciously signed up for the survey. 15 minutes later, I was told that I should expect something in the inbox shortly for more instructions.

As it stands, most of the Google mobile products are reigning supreme. I've not used Yahoo products since the early days (circa 2004-05). I hope these initiatives will help the overall mobile community to grow as a whole.

I will provide more updates later (assuming I am allowed to do so). Of course, if you don't hear from me, it could also mean that I am not allowed to disclose.

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