February 15, 2008

Gmail IMAP on S60 3rd Edition Nokia N95

A while back, when I was the proud owner of a AT&T 8525, I’ve written a story on my dislike for Gmail’s IMAP services on a Windows Mobile 6 device. I won’t go into the complaints here, feel free to take a look.

Today, I will report from the other side of the pond, how successful Gmail IMAP works on a S60 powered Nokia N95-3. Following the trusty instructions at Symbian Addict, I successfully setup the Gmail account to my mailboxes. Here are the my mobile experience on the S60 vs WM6 using IMAP:

• S60 asks how many email to download (I have it at 20) whereas WM6 has a default quantity
• S60 downloads email header only and successfully retrieves the messages upon clicking
• S60 email retrival is much faster, it feels like it just goes for that individual email whereas
WM6 is attempting to download the entire batch each time you hit send and receive.
• WM6 will often return blank email messages and require hit “send and receive” again to
• WM6 will still retrieve blank messages upon the previous instruction

I am very happy with Gmail IMAP on the Nokia N95-3.


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