February 14, 2008

GPS Phones Round Up

GPS cell phone is no doubt going to enhance our mobile experience. While Google and Apple are working on amazing technologies utilizing cell towers and wifi ip addresses to pinpoint your location over data, it still can not out perform the robustness of a well integrated GPS receiver in your phone. Put aside each telecom carrier's hidden agenda (charging for GPS service), lets gather a list of GPS-enabled phones that are available on the market today (2/14/2008). I'll attempt to manage this entry as days go on and keep it on the reference link on the right hand side for my readers. (Side Note: Its amazing that Cingular, Tmobile, do not have GPS in its Shop by Feature as I was researching for this project, this is severely under-estimating its attraction to consumers).

Moto Q Global
Samsung Blackjack II
BlackBerry Curve 8310
BlackBerry 8820
AT&T Tilt (HTC 8925)

T Mobile
N/A (Seemed like they used to carry BlackBerry Curve 8320)

Verizon Wireless
BlackBerry 8130
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
LG VX8350
LG VX8700
LG VX9400
LG Chocolate
LG Voyager
Verizon enV by LG
Motorola W385
Motorola RAZR V3m
Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m
Motorola MOTORAZR maxx Ve
Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv
Motorola MOTO Z6c World Edition
Motorola MOTORAZR V9m
Samsung SCH-u410
Samsung Juke
Samsung SCH-u620
Samsung SCH-u740
Samsung Gleam
Samsung FlipShot
Verizon G'zOne Type S

Sprint (Sprint's filter incorrectly suggested Palm 755 and Centro) No links because they use AJAX)
BlackBerry 7100i
BlackBerry 7130e
BlackBerry 8130
BlackBerry 8703e
BlackBerry 8830
LG LX 160
LG Muziq
LG Rumor
Motorola Moto Q 9c
Motorola i335
Motorola i560
Motorola i580
Motorola i615
Motorola i670
Motorola i760
Motorola i850
Motorola i880
Motorola i920
Motorola i930
Motorola MOTO Q
Motorola MOTORAZR V3m
Motorola MOTORAZR V9m
Motorola The Buzz ic502
Motorola The Buzz ic602
Motorola The Deluxe ic902
Samsung M300
Samsung M510
Samsung The B'Phone
Samsung Upstage
Sanyo Katana DLX
Sanyo Katana II
Sanyo SCP-3200
Sanyo SCP-7050


Anonymous said...

Verizon Navigator doesn't use GPS, right?

andy said...

I am not a Verizon customer so I am not familiar with their products (in other words, I don't have a Verizon GPS phone) but according to their site, it is based on GPS positioning, you just have to pay for usage which is a total rip off.


"VZ Navigator uses GPS positioning to tell you where you are, what's nearby, and to give you directions - quickly and easily."