February 27, 2008

HTC 7501 - $855 Later, no 3G (corrected, yes 3G)

For those interested in the ultimate smartphone bad-boy HTC Advantage 7501, you can now pick on up at Amazon.com for a mere $855. This phone is pretty crazy, fully loaded with WM6 Professional, GPS, 5" LCD resolution, 8GB flash storage w/ miniSD expansion, Wi-Fi, laptop-styled design w/ full QWERTY keyboard... however, for $855... the 3G support is Euro-spec WCDMA 2100. Currently, AT&T is only supporting 850/1900.

PS - For the life of me, I can't find the spec for its LCD's resolution... I'd like to hope that it is VGA at the very least.

Update: As pointed out by "Get Some Hairapy!" in the comment section, this phone does have US 3G support. Amazon.com description is incorrect. HTC website indicates global 3G support (WCDMA 2100 and 850/1900MHz) and the screen is indeed VGA. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

The x7501 is specifically designed for the US market and DOES have 3G HSDPA (my most recent speed test result was 814 kbit/sec) . The screen is VGA.