February 18, 2008

Knight Rider Gadget: Nokia N95 Touchscreen?

Ok, I will admit, I watched the 2-hour premier of Knight Rider. I mean, how can I not watch it? I am a 80/90's kid growing up watching "the Hoff" in the original series. Plus, on one hand, you've got a fast car and the other hand, you've got a bunch of gadgets... put your hands together my friend.

So I digress... back to topic. In a quick on screen display, I noticed the villain of the program was using a Nokia N95, but the on screen display shows an iPhone-like touchscreen interface... WTF? Does this brit-accent villain possess something that I don't know about? I couldn't get my phone to display that... anyone?

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Erick Alejandro said...

hey! you love this phone? haha! I had a nokia phone, but I think that is better a SE... The Nokia n95 ROCKS but, is some big""...