February 19, 2008

Mobile World Congress

Last week was the World Congress of Mobile in Barcelona, one of the best cities in Europe. All the major players of m-commerce (carriers, mobile manufacturers, starts-up, etc..) were present to share their point of view on the developments of mobile devices, customers expectations and the future of the mobile.

If there was one take-away to sum-up the numerous meeting at the Mobile Congress; it would be the concept of Ubiquitous services with the potential to use the massive success and become a ubiquitous force in society.

In addition, four major issues were discussed:
- Ubiquitous network (new band to send more data)
- Challenge of traditional operator roles (Should they provide the content as in Japan or only be a platform?)
- Mobile's social and economic value (Which Business Models?)
- Mobile digital content resolution (Iphone can't support flash)

We'll go in depth within these aspects in the next days.

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Erick Alejandro said...

YeaH!! my phone wins in there! The Sony Ericsson W910, the Best Handset Mobile 2008...