February 26, 2008

Taking Advantage of HD DVD

For years, I have been impartial to the whole HD DVD vs Blu Ray DVD format war. I take pity on format wars largely because one party always ends up losing years of research and gains nothing from it. Sadly, HD DVD has lost the war. At the same time, consumers can finally have the closure they needed to upgrade their home theater system.

At The Mobile Experience, I want to offer a different perspective on the HD DVD news. Unlike other people running away from this format as if its some type of disease. I think this could be an opportunity for me to finally catch up on HD movies now that the economics make cents (sense).

Think about this for a second. If you are already not a "first mover", what have you got to lose by investing in HD DVD now (other than the fact that no more new titles to be released). But if your goal is to update your library of classics like Carlito's Way, Mission Impossible, and The Matrix. HD DVD titles are now being discounted (50%+ off) at Amazon.com. On top of that, rumors of Toshiba HD DVD players are going for $99 at some retailers. Best Buy annouces dropping XBox HDDVD Player to $50. With any luck, future Blu-Ray players will all support HD-DVDs just to be more competitive over other players.

Ten(10) HD DVDs + a HD Player will now cost you around $300 whereas it used to be in the neighborhood of $700. Some noteworthy HD DVD titles founded are:

Lost In Translation - $15
Inside Man - $15
Children of Men - $20
Transformers - $19
Old School - $12
Top Gun - $12
Black Rain - $12
Knocked Up - $20
Shaun of the Dead - $15

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