February 21, 2008

Yahoo Go 3.0 Beta Review on Nokia N95

Couple days ago, I wrote about Yahoo Go 3.0 Beta being available. I took the time to install it on my Nokia N95 and here is my review:

Installation: Simple. The hardest part is to type in the hard to remember URL into your mobile broswer (get.go.yahoo.com). I would recommend an easier URL like yaho.com/go. My 3G data downloaded the 99K file in less than 10 seconds and installation took place in less than 45 seconds when I chose to install on the phone memory.

Application: Not bad. This application is designed to encompass a suite of "web-widgets". (including: Y! News, Mail, Finance, Sports, Flickr, Weather, Entertainment, Local, etc.). It also has the option to download three additional widgets for MTV News, eBay and MySpace. I played around with most of the programs and they are up to the basic tasks. Althouh having the widgets inside an application felt less robust than its true potential. Not sure if this is a bad software design or too demanding for the N95's already pushed CPU (ARM 11 333MHz). I can see myself relying on the eBay widget to check on my auction listings as it would offer a better mobile eBay experience for me compared to the browser option.

Overall verdict is that I give props to Yahoo for rolling all of its core services into one nifty application/widget pack. The main page carousal has a great widgety feel to it. I still believe that the future of mobile will be relying heavily on powerful and robust apps or widgets. If Yahoo can improve the speed and efficiency of the program (much like iPhone's default widgets), we may have a serious contender here.

Yahoo does offer another URL for iPhone or WM5/6 and S60 devices that is web-based. The URL is beta.m.yahoo.com. This is an update to its original Mobile homepage, the look and feel is much like Google's mobile homepage.