March 12, 2008

Google Analytics Tracking Problem

I think something is off with Google Analytics as of 3/10/2008. I am usually a fiend in checking in my stats throughout the day, to ensure my traffic is pacing correctly. But on 3/10, I noticed the visit count is extremely low. When I tried logging in today (3/11), the 3/10 data is missing from the trend graph. In fact, the same problem I am seeing yesterday about reporting a considerably lower visiting number is happening again.

I've emailed Google Analytics team, but have yet to hear back. I've been meaning to add a counter to my sites anyways, so this gave me a good reason to test out a free service by These guys seem to be pretty serious with site analytics. Its good to have a backup plan. It's been just a couple of hours since I've added the codes and its already picking up more traffic than Google Analytics is reporting.

It seems like I am not the only one noticing Google Analytics being a little off.

Update (03/14/208) - I've been going back and forth with the analytics [AdWords Support] folks on the analytics issue and below is the latest update, it appears they are now aware of this issue of delayed reporting.
"Thank you for your email. I apologize for the delay in response. I
understand you would like to know why your Analytics reports show low data
and would like to know whether there has been a reporting delay.

Under normal circumstances, report data generally takes up to 24 hours to
update, but may sometimes take longer to appear in your account. We're
aware that recent report processing has been delayed, and we apologize for
any inconvenience. Please note that none of your data has been lost, and
your reports should now be updated."
I am still a little skeptical, seeing that my 3/11 data is still showing up as half the volume as my daily average.


Google Analytics said...

I noticed the same, but if you select today's date (12th March right now) then 11th March will show full data.

Prediction: Google Analytics will start refreshing data only every 24h from now on. With the immense popularity they've been faced with whilst providing free use it's probably weighing down too much on them and this will safe them a lot of resources.

andy said...

I have no problem with refreshing data every 24 hours (considering this is similar practice on the paid search side for reconciliation) but my problem (as is with others online) is that the data for 3/10 and 3/11 seems extremely low, its as if they dropped the data for those days...

john m said...

I'm seeing the same issue, with the data graphed dropping the current day. This seems to be a problem going back to March 10, but not with any dates before that.

yvon said...

Hi, i have this pb too, that's why i do not put all my eggs in the same basket, i've got Adcenter Analytics too, and when possible i'll add Indextool when it'd come free + another tool that'd give real time (but the latter if for fun, there's no need in fact for me).

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