March 7, 2008

HELIO's Clever Paid Search Content Ad

I ran a cross a clever Google Adsense (Content) ad on The Mobile Experience blog tonight from a retailer selling HELIO. What is special about this one is that this advertiser or its SEM agency is trying to outsmart Google's ad spec. (I know this because this is what I do for a living, paid search advertising).

Google disallow advertisers from doing certain things. Such as using all CAPs in their adcopy or using superlatives (ie. Best, Fastest, Greatest, Cheapest, etc.). In addition, HELIO probably has a trademark taken out on paid search to prevent others from using their name unauthorized on Google paid search. This retailer managed to get by simply adding a space in between characters. I give it a good chuckle and its just a matter of time before Google's editorial team catches up. Good attempt though, my fellow SEM peeps!

*I did noticed from the paid search side, HELIO managed to run its own campaign with all CAPs without space. Interesting... I guess they struck a deal with Google's editorial team. See below:

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