March 19, 2008

Japanese People and Their Mobile

41.2% of Japanese recognized that they have used their mobile device at least one time while they were taking their bath! This came out of a survey conducted by video game company, Sega on 16,250 Japanese. Obviously, they wanted to know what they where doing with their mobile device in the bathroom, here is what they found:

* 29% used it to change their email address (not sure about what that means)
* 28% used it to listen to music
* 12% used it to play mobile games
* 9% used it to place phone calls

It's a clear sign people are using their cell phones everywhere... really everywhere. We might see more and more crazy accessories for the mobile market similar to the mobile video hat.

The most important aspect of this study is the fact that every demographic (age, sex, household income) is using their mobile devices in their bath! It could explain why more Asian manufacturers are launching waterproof mobile devices.

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