March 6, 2008

Look out Blackberry, iPhone is coming

Watch out RIMM...the iPhone announcement today included upcoming Enterprise support thanks to Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync support. The feature list includes Push email and contacts, Global address list, VPN, authentication certificates, and remote wipe.

Up for speculation but I would say that many have been holding off purcashing iPhones for two reasons:

1. Corporate Mail

2. 3G

The war has just begun with the upcoming Android but in the immediate term, as soon as these two features are added, I'll see you in line!


andy said...

One down, one more to go. Looks like you are buying an iPhone once 3G is available.

Personally, I would add "GPS" on your list as well.

robert said...

Agreed. GPS has been very useful from my Tilt, which I have yet to post a review for. I am still looking for a more form fitting "smaller" phone that has the feel of an iPhone and capabilities of WM. iPhone is very tempting and I probably would pick one up once 3G is out. However, I am still waiting for a solid Android phone.