March 3, 2008

The Mobile Experience Challenge: iPhone

(Define "the mobile experience" challenge)
I've taken this challenge for the past 5 days. I've decided to pass the iPhone for its well-roundness. From web research, checking emails, to downloading Media (MP3/Movies), the iPhone took on my requirements with ease. The iPhone has its flaws, for example, when downloading songs from iTunes, WiFi is a must, EDGE is just too slow. Also, upon heavy web surfing, the phone will crash occasionally. It crashed a couple of times where a hard reset was required to take control of the phone again. iPhone is definitely a great companion if you do not want to strap a laptop everywhere you go. Many of my colleague would tell you the same. Please enjoy what I have documented below:

2/27 - "So the Test Begins!"
8:00PM - Took my wife's iPhone out of her hand and pulled up The Mobile Experience Challenge article to exlain to her why I'll be hogging her phone in the next week.
8:30PM - Checked Gmail over Safari, obviously successful. Attempted to use Google Analytics, all the figures on the page loads up, but ajax graph and calendar range would not work over iPhone. I can technically fail the test at this point but this portion isn't a "necessity".
8:45PM - Emailed Robert some Picasa web photos. I found an old email and forward it on. Not sure how I would have done if if old email is not available. (iPhone lacks copy and paste function)
8:56PM - Completely realized all this time, my web experience could be 10 times better if I turn on WiFi radio
8:57PM - WiFi turned on.
9:00PM - Safari crashed while reading some product reviews on
2/28 - Day 2 - "Basic Tasks, no problem"
9:00AM - I was underdressed for a 20*F winter day, wife warns me on my way out to work, in a hurry, I checked weather widget and was reassured that the wife is always right
9:15AM - Listening to iPod on subway... obviously, a device intended for such activity
1:00PM - Updated my office with several pictures of my daughter, took some pics and emailed to my wife, she loved the new decorations.
10:00PM - American Idol is doing something smart this year, every song performed on stage is available for purchase on iTunes. Using some credits I had on my acct, I successfully downloaded David Archuleta's "IMAGINE" performance for $0.99. There are three important points here: 1). I watch American Idol, 2). This is the first MP3 I've ever purchased, 3) This is the first MP3 I've purchased on iTunes over iPhone.
2/29 - Day 3 - "Easy Does It"
8:00PM - Looked up phone number to a nice neighborhood wine shop - Apellation Wine & Spirits and ordered two bottles of 03 Blacksberg
9:00PM - Researched some roadtrip destinations for tomorrow. Narrowed down to Mystic, CT.
10:00PM - Looked up Hyatt Place and called in to reserve a hotel... sometimes calling in gets better rates
3/1 - Day 4 - "Road Trip"
8:00AM - Phoned parking lot attendent to pick up Car. Excited about this trip, been wanting a good drive since a while.
9:00AM - Looking up some stores to stop by on the way... Costco, or Target using Google Maps. Too bad the "My Maps" function is not supported by iPhone (yet).
10:00AM - Hooked up iPhone to Monster Cable Ultra-Low Profile iPod iCharger, this is nice if your car has aux in, cranked up the MP3 all the way while charging
12:00n - Arrived Mystic, took a tourist map from the hotel and matched the city up on iPhone Google Maps to be more acquainted with where I am going.
1:00PM - Took some pictures of the famous "Mystic Pizza" and "Mystic River" and emailed to friends.
2:00PM - iPhone crashed completely when browsing the web. To the point of a hard reset.
5:00PM - For some reason, when calling a friend this afternoon, the phone crashed again. This time, it stuck on the screen of dialing a number. Its time for me to upgrade the firmware to 1.1.4.
3/3 - "Back in the City"
8:30AM - Routine weather check, beautiful day today, high of 50*F
7:30PM - Looked up Menupage for Pepe's Menu, ordered a Salmon dish and a Penne Vodka dish by calling in.
8:30PM - Decided to pass iPhone for The Mobile Experience Challenge
10:45PM - Watching Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservation" on TV, he is visiting Hawaii. Suddenly, I get the midnight munchies... looking up Menupages again for the L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Financial District... too bad they are closing at 11PM. Hmm... maybe I'll run down to the corner gas station to see if they sell SPAM.

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