March 19, 2008

The Mobile Experience Nostalgia: Nokia 8890

One of the best-looking, sleek-design premium phone in my opinion was the Nokia 8890. In 1999, this phone was the king of all phones. I specifically remembered its striking design featuring a minimalist outer-shell that is finished with a polished steel casing. The backlight for the LCD and keyboard had an xenon-like intensity which illuminates far stronger than any other Nokia handset on the market back then. The phone itself was pretty simple, it had all the functionality as all other Nokia GSM handsets. Perhaps a tad more memory for phonebook and ringtones; but the design alone was just so perfect as an eye candy. The phone retailed for $400; and as a college student, I could only wish there were some type of subsidized program through SBC/Pacbell so I could get my hands on this phone.

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