March 20, 2008

Professional Photo Printing Solution: myPhotopipe

I finished up a 4-day session SES NY 2008 this afternoon with the topic on Image Search. The Google folks shared some interesting statistics regarding to the explosion of digital imagery. It is said that last year, 750 million camera phones and 100 million digital cameras were sold. Pictures are being taken at the rate of 25 to 50 million per day.

While social and viral photography albums such as Flickr and PicasaWeb is great for sharing your treasured shots online, what about the work you would like to print out and hang up. While Snapfish, Kodakgallery or even your local Costco and Target may do the trick on those 4"x6"s, I have yet to find a professional solution for higher quality and larger print outs (on canvas, mounting, and gallery quality).

That is until today, I was told about a website called They seem to have a wide range of professional photo printing services. The company is making itself a pro-grade lab for all digital photographers. This is what the's website says:

Pearl. Matte. Glossy. Bordered. Borderless. Black & White. Color corrected or not. That’s the Photopipe difference. We’re a pro lab serving you nationwide and we know that you know what you want.

Being a newbie to DSLR, I would occasionally take a good enough of a shot for me to want to print it out as art, I am going to checkout these guys for some prints in the upcoming future and report back.

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