March 27, 2008

Skyfire Beta Update: Beta Availability Timeframe

Since my last reporting, I have gotten a couple more of emails from the fine folks at Skyfire. First email was to tell me that the phone number I provided during Beta 1 signup did not work for them, hence an email instruction to signup. At this point, I regret to inform you that I do not have a WM5 or 6 phone so I will attempt to sign up anyways just to see what happens. However, I know this beta is purely for Windows Mobile Devices.

Carrying on with the second email (click picture to enlarge) I've received from them is a more thorough update addressing why they've been slow in reaching out to the people who's signed up to Beta 1. In short, there are two batch of people who signed up for beta testing. Anyone who signed up before March 1st is considered beta 1 and will likely to get notifications soon. After March 1st, is considered Beta 2. They estimate Summer 2008 as available time frame to allow Beta 2 people to test. Skyfire is trying to regulate beta users and feedback so they can manage the process. Thoughtful!

There is a Symbian update from the second email:
In addition to adding features and building a robust Windows Mobile Skyfire, we also have development underway for a Symbian version of Skyfire. Stay tuned as we extend our beta to the Nokia N-series and E-series phones in the U.S. this summer. Beta 1 and 2 users who have signed up indicating that they have Nokia phones do not need to do anything. We’ll contact you as soon as it’s ready.

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