March 20, 2008

Skyfire Browser Beta Available Today

Skyfire, a very promising mobile browser fully supporting Flash and other multimedia in a full HTML experience is available for beta download today. I received an email alert from them 2 minutes ago. Please find the email communication below. I am going to test this baby out as soon as possible and report back.

Skyfire: Beta Download now available! Thanks for signing up for the Skyfire private beta. Today, you will receive an SMS message on the mobile phone number you gave us during the beta sign up. There will be a link in the SMS message to click. That verifies your registration and a follow up SMS provides the download to Skyfire. The download and installation is just a couple of clicks and a few minutes. During the installation, you’ll create a Skyfire account. Please use this account to access all of the support and help available on our website. If you don’t receive our SMS – don’t worry, you probably didn't enter a US mobile phone number during sign-up. We’ll be notified that you didn’t receive our SMS and we will follow up with you via email. In the email, we will ask you to update your mobile phone number so we can resend you the SMS. As a reminder, currently our private beta is running on Windows Mobile phones in the US. If you use a different phone, or live outside the U.S., we’ll keep you posted on our progress and let you know as soon as your phone is supported. We are very excited to give you this 0.5 beta release of Skyfire. We’re anxious to get your insights, so please give us lots of feedback. With your help, we’ll march to a stellar 1.0 product. Please don’t forget to tell your friends about Skyfire. To stay up to date about what’s happening here, you can read our blog. Thanks, The Skyfire Team

Update: This is for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Only. Its by invitation in batches so if you missed the registration from a while ago, you can sign up today for the next wave of beta test. In the mean time, I need to find me a Windows Mobile phone.

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