March 18, 2008

Slifter - Mobile Comparison Shop at Local Stores

At the SES NY show today, I ran across a vendor called They hooked up a N95 via Video Output to a 32" LCD to demonstrate their service. Basically, you can use your smartphone to search for an item at a brick & mortar store nearby (sorted by best price).

There are two ways of using this service. First, point your mobile device to For some phones, you will be prompted to download an app. or you can access their service via mobile browser for the same thing. Once you have inputed an item and the zip code, a results list is shown of the item by feature (or color) and then sorted by price. Once you select the item, the next page will show you the store by distance. In some scenarios, they will prompt that the vendor has the item online-only. For the most part, the list is composed of local stores and their inventory. The actual product page gives you additional information for directions, map, store phone and ability to text your friends about this product. I find that most of the large brick & mortar retail stores have their inventory available on Slifter (ie. Target, Apple, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.)

Personally, I find this mobile service refreshingly simple to use. They have even got a Slifter SMS service for non-web capable phones. As their website have stated, "95% OF RETAIL SALES OCCUR IN LOCAL STORES" and Slifter is like that missing puzzle connecting a consumer's phone to local store's pricing/inventory. I am filing this one under a good "Mobile Experience"!

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