March 6, 2008

Sprint HTC Mogul Sucks – Disabled GPS

My friend John picked up a brand new Mogul (aka PPC6800, XV6800, HTC-P4000) back in July of 2007 from Sprint. This was the perfect phone for him. WM6 Professional, 3G EV-DO Data, WiFi, 163MB usable memory (more than twice of many standard HTC/Smartphones out there at the time) and GPS… well, atleast at the time of purchase, he was told soon, a firmware will be available to enable the onboard GPS.

Fast forward to Q1, 2008. John is still waiting anxiously for an update to enable its onboard GPS. And it doesn't seem like its very hopeful. He is now reaching the the half-way point for a two-year contract and is not sure what to do.

I think Sprint should give him a refund and free him from his 2-year contract. At the time of purchase, Sprint marketed this phone as having GPS. As of now, no one knows when the firmware will ever come out. On top of that, Sprint has removed the GPS function from this device on their website. I can’t stand it when Carriers and Manufacturers work together to suppress features. Any other Mogul user out there feel the same?

(Update: 3/10/2008 - As Dieter has commented, a release was made available today. According to Engadget, they aren't sure if the GPS option made it in, but according to BuzzAboutWireless forum, GPS is now supported along with the EVDO Rev A. speed improvment. Sprint confirmed GPS is now supported.


robert said...

two words...Sprint sucks! I had their service in the past and it was a terrible experience. Also, there was a light at the end of the tunnel...WiMax. Where is it now?

- Dieter said...

Rumor has it that the release date for the ROM that supports the GPS is Monday 3/10/2008.

andy said...

thanks for the update, we will keep an eye out on 3/10 for the update

John said...

Finaly I have GPS ... I've updated my phone with the new ROM and works pretty good so far. I've noticed that the route calculation is faster than my old Magellan GPS that I bought and returned to Radio Shack. The GPS is fully functional with POI and all the other goodies that you would normal get in a high end GPS unit. I have not tried out the BlueTooth update that is also included in this ROM update.

Just need a windshield mount for my truck and car then I'm set to do some serious testing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the new firmware adds GPS. I can confirm this since I am using Google Maps and the Sprint TeleNav GPS software. Works great!

Anonymous said...

Updated both phones with new firmware since I had issues with the phone both phones freeze alot more and all Sprint can do is downgrade me to a Blackberry for FREE since this $600 piece of crap is more problematic than a first gen issue Xbox 360.

paul said...

Is this just enabling in A-GPS or Stand Alone GPS, mode?

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