March 24, 2008

Thumbplay to Distribute Radio Content for Clear Channel

I took some relatives to JFK last night, on my way driving home alone, I tuned into Z100 NY station for some music. I usually take these rare moments of driving alone in my car to get ideas for my playlist addition on my iPod. Anyways, the station was playing some good songs back to back. So many of them to the point where I am having a hardtime keeping up with memorizing the songs and artists. At that point, I was wondering wouldn't it be nice to be able to log in to a station's website and not only seeing the playlist but also download the songs as well?

Well, as destiny would have it, I find a nice press release in my inbox first thing this morning. Clear Channel communications will leverage Thumbplay to distribute content over 650 of its local radio stations. Pretty cool indeed.
Thumbplay’s content is contextually featured in areas including the ‘Just Played’ box and ‘Top 20 On Demand’ lists on all participating local radio stations’ home pages. In addition, links to the mobile content store are found in the ‘Last 10 Played’ playlist on each site. This enables listeners who like songs heard on these stations to purchase them as ringtones for more than 2,000 supported handsets across all major U.S. wireless carriers.

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