March 17, 2008

Windows Mobile to Get Flash Lite

Microsoft has finally inked a deal with Adobe for the Flash Lite support in mobile IE along with PDF-support. With Flash Lite, YouTube video support may be in the near future for all of you Windows Mobile 6 folks as well as handling webpages running SWF files. While this is nice, I am generally not a big fan of Flash technology. It has a been a kind of a nightmare for online marketing folks since inception. SWF files are nice to look at but offers zero visibility from an SEO standpoint. Furthermore, SWF renders eCommerce sites useless because you can't send customers directly to a section or allowing bookmark for a specific page. Personally, I would like to see more support in the area for JAVA and AJAX, allowing a Web2.0-like interaction over smartphones.

Other news: Microsoft is on schedule to bring out Silverlight to Windows Mobile. Silverlight is a flash-like solution competing with Flash Lite.

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