March 5, 2008

Women and Smartphones Usage On the Rise?

On my way to work this morning, I came to the realization of something. That is, more and more women are buying and using their smartphones everywhere I go. In fact, in a quick survey to work, I would see a ratio for every 1 man using a smart device, 5 women are using theirs. This observation obviously would go against the conventional wisdom knowing male age 18-40 are the biggest smartphone buyers. It could be that living in NYC, a condensed city of intelligent folks has a higher smartphone penetration or men could be buying them as gadgets/toys while women actually use them more often in public as a tool to organize their schedule.

Even as I took a quick headcount amongst my close friends and family members, I realized a significant of them (women) have smartphones:

* My wife has an iPhone 8GB & BlackBerry (company-issued)
* My Sister has an iPhone 8GB
* My wife's best friend Mary has the HTC Dash
* My wife's good friend Teresa has an iPhone 8GB
* Cousin Pam has a N95-1
* Family friend Vicky has a Samsung Blackjack
* My friend Deb in Philly has an AT&T Tilt
* Co-worker Christina has had a BlackBerry 8700c, now Curve
* Even my new Intern is sporting a Moto Q

What is most amazing about the people mentioned is that they bought their smartphones for their personal use, not subsidized by their company.


Anonymous said...

And yet, the manufacturers still seem to ignore the fact that women users might have longer fingernails that impact their ability to use some devices.

andy said...

No kidding. I think the manufacturers are so caught up in trying to figure out a strategy in this ultra-fast-pace industry they often failed to realize the obvious. I foresee them to catch on this fact and end up developing handsets catered for every need!