April 3, 2008

3G iPhone

As reported yesterday, contributing editor Greg tried to buy an iPhone, but was told by both the APPLE SOHO store and 5th Ave Headquarter that they've sold out. In fact, as it stands, you have to check in every morning to try your luck.

Such shortage has lead to so many romours. Some have suggested this shortage is manipulated by the genius at Cupertino to arbitrarily increase demand, others say its just a supply screw-up. A few even thinks Apple is slowing down current iPhone production to prepare for the big upgrade to 3G iPhones.

Fact of the matter is, the iPhone was outdated the minute it was released. Having lack of 3G support was its biggest weakness. It would not shock me if Apple had its factories running overtime to crank out 3G iPhones to get nay-sayers to make the big switch. I once predicted a 3G iPhone rollout by Feb 2008, then rumor has it for Jun 2008. As it stands, the industry is suggesting the arrival for 3G iPhone could be very soon. Nevertheless, this is an interesting and exciting time for Apple. These rumors alone have sent the stock back up to the $150 range. The arrival of 3G iPhone may very well convince me to give up my N95-3. That will make us a two-iPhone household. [yes, I need help]

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